Intimercy – Could you support production of this new Worship Album?

Awakening the coastlands album

Rob Parker, is a gifted and prophetic worship leader and songwriter. Rob has also been part of the CTNTP Team and led the worship at our 2018 ‘As One’ meetings in the heart of England.

Prior to that. in 2017 Rob produced an amazing album, Awakening the Coastlands. One track in particular, Awake you who sleep, so encapsulates the CTNTP vision and Rob graciously allowed us to make it available free on our website:

(Go to the bottom of our website Homepage,, if you are viewing this on an email and the link above to the music track does not work).

Your help requested – Rob’s new Album – Intimercy

We have recently received this request from Rob and encourage you to respond as The Lord might lead:

IntiMercyRecently I felt led to write and record a new album to be called “Intimercy”. No, it’s not spelt wrong, it’s a play on the word’s intimacy and mercy. The theme is that we are drawn into intimacy with the Lord through his mercy and it’s His mercy that sends us out to bring hope a fallen world.

However, due to the reduction in ministerial offerings and CD sales I have received due to the pandemic, financing and thus finishing the album has become increasingly difficult,

So, I am wondering whether you would consider either pre-ordering a CD or sponsoring an amount towards the completion of the album?

If you would like to pre-order 1 or more CD’s go to:

If you would like to sponsor an amount (and receive a free CD) go to:

Could I also ask that you pray for the Album and that it will carry the anointing of the Lord and will accomplish all the He has for it.

I pray every blessing for you and as I do I am constantly reminded of 2 Corinthians 9:10: he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.”.




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