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Network for Revival September 2020

We have looked at five motives for prayer for revival:

Pleading the love of God: He loves his church and wants to bless it. He loves unbelievers and doesn’t want any to be lost. See

Pleading the name of God: The name of God is being gravely dishonoured by the failings of the church and the godlessness of society. See

Pleading the Kingdom of God: God’s Kingdom is hindered by a failing church and hastened by prayer and preparation for revival. See

Pleading the Blood of Christ: The shed blood of Jesus is the foundation for our prayers and we are meant to keep it in mind cf. Communion. See

Pleading the promises of God: The Lord makes truly amazing promises to answer prayer which many of us don’t take seriously enough. See

In this issue we look at the 6th motive for prayer for revival.

Praying for Revival: Pleading for those without hope

One powerful motive for prayer and preparation for Revival is that many people are without hope. They do not share the wonderful assurance that comes through trusting in Christ and receiving eternal life through the Holy Spirit. We know that when we die we shall be “promoted to Glory” by the grace of God. They don’t.

In 2015 YouGov did a survey on British people’s views about death and the afterlife. They were asked “If there were a heaven and hell, which would you end up in?” 48% said in heaven, 10% said in Hell and 42% said they didn’t know. So 52% had no eternal hope. As for the 48%, was their hope of heaven based on a sure foundation?

Paul said “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied” (1 Cor 15:19). It is even worse for those who don’t even have hope in Christ in this life, let alone beyond death.

However, Jesus believed not only in heaven but also in Hell. The word “Hell” appears eleven times in the Gospels each time on the lips of Jesus. He describes it metaphorically as a blazing furnace or darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 8:12; 13:42,50; 25:30).

Every day I think about the many people who are without hope, and my heart goes out to them. This is a powerful motive for praying and preparing for Revival. How can we not be really distressed about it? How can we not reach out in love to such people? But our outreach, important though it is, is not sufficient to reach the millions. We need a great movement of God’s Spirit to achieve that.

I find this hopelessness of many human beings a very powerful motive for prayer for Revival. How we need Revival so that many, many people will be able to rejoice alongside us in the eternal life Jesus gives us now and ultimately in the wonderful blessings of heaven!

How is the prayer going?

As you know, the purpose of Network for Revival is to encourage people to pray for Revival. So, how is it going? No doubt we are at different stages. Some are praying briefly from time to time. Others are praying at length daily. Don’t worry about what stage you’re at but do ensure you are going deeper in prayer. Here are some things I have experienced as I have been praying seriously for Revival for the last few years.

Persevere and the Lord will teach you how to pray

Yes, you can read about prayer and listen to speakers about it. But prayer is basically a personal pilgrimage. And it’s a pilgrimage where you don’t fully know the destination or the route. It is an exercise in learning from the Lord. The important priority is to persevere, looking to the Lord, carrying on when you feel discouraged. The Holy Spirit will prompt you about new and additional ways of praying. Be careful to listen to him.

Persevere and the Lord will bless you in depth

Prayer for Revival is not about personal blessing. It’s about pouring your heart out in prayer for the church and society. But you can’t out-give God. If you persevere (and it takes determination) you will experience a great deal of personal blessing. I can testify to the fact that praying for Revival in this way has been just about the most rewarding spiritual experience I’ve had. So, persevere and you will be really encouraged, including by knowing you’re obeying God and fulfilling his purposes.

Persevere, listen to the Lord, take note and obey him

Prayer for Revival includes spiritual preparation. As you pray, God will speak to you. He will encourage you to draw closer to him and to correct things which are wrong in your life. I pray every day “Lord, as far as I know, I am right with you. But please show me if I’m not.” And he does!! When he speaks to you it is, of course, important to obey. Then you’ll be ready for the next thing he wants to tell you.

If you persevere in praying for Revival you will experience a gradual personal Revival. Go for it!

PS. May I challenge Christian leaders with a fair amount of time on their hands e.g. retired people like me? Why not step out in faith by praying at significant length each day? God needs real prayer warriors. You may not feel you are one but, bearing in mind the three points I’ve just shared you (yes, you) can become one!

Relevant quotations about Revival

Duncan Campbell: “I think again of those people in the Hebrides. How they longed and how they prayed and how they waited and how they cried, “Oh God, rend the heavens and come down,” and all the time God was handling them; all the time God was dealing with them and the process of cleansing went on until the moment came when angels and archangels looking over the battlements of glory cried, “God, the vessels are clean, the miracle can happen now.” I believe that with all my heart; it is the deep conviction of my soul that [angels] are ever gazing over the battlements of glory and waiting for a prepared people. It is one thing to shout it, it is one thing to sing it, it is one thing to talk about revival, but give me a people on their faces, seeking to be rightly related with God, and when that happens, we will soon know the impact of God-realization in our country.”

God bless you as you commit yourself to pray for Revival.


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