Passion for the Nation

passion-for-the-nation-flag-logoOn Monday 21st November, I took a fifty mile drive from Chelmsford and around the M25 to talk to Suzanne Ferrett, the founder of Passion for the Nation. Suzanne also travelled from where she lives in Windsor and we met around halfway between us, in a Starbucks just off of the motorway near St. Albans.

In October, I had been at the World Prayer Centre Trumpet Call event in Birmingham, and having been asked to be part of a small prayer team for the day, found that Suzanne was one of its members. Whilst I did not immediately recognise her, she remembered me from a Christian summer camp two years previously, where I was also on the prayer team. We then sat next to each other during the Trumpet Call event, although we didn’t talk about what we were currently involved in.

A few days later, I received an email newsletter from the World Prayer Centre, which included a link to the Passion for the Nation website. I had not been aware of this organisation previously and was drawn to take a look, immediately feeling that there was a ‘resonance’ between what they were doing and what Call the Nation to Prayer is all about. I then discovered that Suzanne was the founder of the ministry and felt constrained to contact her. Within a few days we had arranged to meet to establish relationship and to explore what God might be up to!

As well as Prayer, Prophetic Declaration and Decree is a most important factor in seeing a Nation changed. Jesus holds the position of both Priest and King , (see Zechariah 6:13) and as Believers in Christ, we have exactly the same privileges. We must realise that our position is in partnership; to ‘intercede’ (Pray) and to ‘rule and reign’, (Declare and Decree) alongside Him. We carry God’s authority to influence the affairs of this earth.

The Passion for the Nation website speaks some more about the power of prayer and declaration, and also publishes regular Declarations that you can use personally or in a prayer group setting. You can also sign up to receive these by email.

Suzanne has also written a booklet containing forty Biblically based Declarations called, Declarations to Change a Nation. I would recommend it to you.

Suzanne and I also shared personal testimony of our journey with God and discussed a number of topics. We parted believing that we had experienced a ‘God ordained’ meeting and to consider and pray about future connections. I will endeavour keep you informed as to developments!


David Gilbey




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