Call, Walk, As One

A letter from Peter Hill, on the eve of his third visit to the UK, scheduled for November 2nd to 20th 2017

We believe that God is directing our thoughts towards Prayer Walking and to an initiative in that respect in 2018. There are people to see and much to pray over and consider, but let’s pray and take steps of faith and see where God leads.



We trust this letter finds you well and knowing the Lord’s Blessing in your life!

As a third visit to U.K. draws near, we are conscious of the fact that unless the Lord directs and orchestrates calling the nation to prayer, we will have found our efforts to have achieved little and been in vain!

A Kingdom Opportunity - publicity A5 advert 800David Gilbey has organized a Day Conference on November 4th. in Chelmsford, Essex and invited Suzanne Ferrett of ‘Passion For The Nation’ (, to speak on that day along with Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer (  The day is also in association with Call The Nation To Prayer.

As mentioned in previous emails, CTNTP is not an organization but rather a sharing and a declaring what we believe the Lord by His Spirit has made clear. At the same time, what this looks like and how this unfolds is still in the building stages. We have peace in seeing CTNTP to include: ‘Walk The Nation In Prayer’ and ‘Come Together As One!’  A Three Fold Cord!

So it looks like:


John 17, where Jesus prayed that we may be one so that the world would believe (How powerful is that?!), has been central for a long time now in our thinking and in our prayers (as well as in the minds and hearts of so many throughout the nation) and we believe the time is now to take the next step!

What has been amazing as well has been the growth of prayer movements across the U.K. where many have heard the Lord to come together to seek His Face and to call on His Name.

What’s next?

How is the Lord impressing upon His People to come together in Unity?

What of the thousand questions unanswered?

Where goes the Nation?

Where goes the Church?

Peter and David will be meeting with a number of key leaders in early November and open to meeting with Pastors and Leaders and those who carry a heart for the nation – we ask for prayer that God’s Wisdom will be made known in the coming days.


Peter Hill

3 thoughts on “Call, Walk, As One”

  1. Hello Peter!!
    Good to chat with you today in Bethshan I knew you were a man with a ‘Mission’ No wonder you knew all about Justin.
    Will look to connect more with ctntp.


    1. Judith,
      Good to share!
      We are in the finishing stages of a Missional Statement of Intent for 2018 which will be posted by 1st. of the New Year. Thank you for your input!
      Blessings This Christmas!


      1. Hello Peter,good to hear from you.Will be very interested to get your prayer bulletin.A lot happening in the U.k.
        Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.


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