Into 2018 and Angels, Miracles and Days of National Prayer

Welcome to the last news circulation of 2017 from Call the Nation to Prayer. We wish you all a most fulfilling and exciting year ahead, expectant that in 2018, God is going to reveal much more of His purposes for our Nation.
We are sure that the Lord has something quite extraordinary ahead for the United Kingdom, which has already been underpinned by much prayer, but as His plans unfold, they will require very much more, mixed with tenacious faith!We are finding many up and down the nation are in agreement, that the time is surely now for a move of the Holy Spirit upon the UK?
Is it not time for revival, perhaps even the
last great revival before the return of Jesus Christ?

Our Vision for 2018

In our news update last month, we spoke about releasing a Statement of Intent, the Vision for what we believe God has been telling CTNTP to pursue and be a catalyst to in the UK during 2018. We now have a small Team – click here for details – who have come together to produce the Statement and consider the next steps.

It has taken a little longer than first anticipated to get the Statement prepared, but we are now in the very final stages of putting the physical document together and very much hope to release and widely circulate it mid-January.

Please forgive us that we have not revealed anymore at this stage, but be assured that we will let you know as soon as that happens and be inviting you to come on-board!

Thank you all so much for your ongoing interest and support for CTNTP. May God bless you and your families during 2018.

The CTNTP Team

Angels, Miracles and Days of National Prayer

Sometimes God shows up in such power, so unexpectedly, so tangibly, that we actually physically experience Him at work. I was in a prayer meeting once, where from no-where, I could suddenly smell a beautiful fragrance fill the area where I was sitting.

Over the last few years, I have also witnessed many healings, typically with pain instantly leaving or a lack of movement being restored – even on one occasion witnessing a lady, deaf in one ear for 15 years, hear from it again!

Sometimes, and I have not witnessed this, angels appear or other events that are humanly impossible and without human explanation happen, or conversely harmful situations prevented.

Prayer seems to go hand in hand with displays of the supernatural power of God and in no small way, when a nation comes together to pray at a time of crisis. We’ve touched upon this before and you can read accounts on our website in 2 Chronicles 20, where Judah won an impossible battle without lifting a sword and ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’, where three hundred thousand soldiers were ‘miraculously’ rescued from almost certain death on the beaches of France.

A recently issued commemorative crown – 100 years since the end of WW1 – depicting one of the ‘Angels of Mons’

We have since discovered more evidence too, during both World Wars, of the ‘hand of God’, even of angels visibly intervening, in dramatic ways which appear to have changed the outcomes of major battles and even the course of the Wars themselves? Maybe you have heard the account of the Angels of Mons? during WWI? All of these ‘miracles’ occured during times where repeated calls for national prayer in the United Kingdom were taking place.

We have put some information of these incredible events on our website. They are not quick reads, but it will be well worth putting some time aside to take a look. They will lift your faith!:

National Days of Prayer 1899 – 1957 – click here
Angels and Miracles during the World Wars – click here

Could you believe for a tangible supernatural move of God across the whole UK in 2018? Could history not only repeat, but happen in a way far beyond our wildest imaginations? Are you ready to see our entire nation pray and turn to God?

A ‘crown’ for your thoughts!!

Bless you all

David Gilbey


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