A prophetic word for 2018

This is a Word for 2018 that has been received from Pat Brown, from Chelmsford, Essex, who has a valued prophetic ministry. We feel it is relevent and encouraging to all CTNTP is about:

30 December 2017

A stormy time is approaching and it is coming because I am about to really move in power in the U.K and the enemy wants to disrupt this. Fear not for you know well that I have already won the victory!

Stand firm in my name, put on the armour I have given you and listen for my voice. Keep your eyes fixed on me because there is an acceleration of my work coming in the new year and I want my children to be ready to move forward in my power when I give the word.

There is no ‘one way’ to move forward, I will be calling various individuals and groups to move in different ways but the main thrust is that I want to take back all the land that the enemy has stolen over the years and to reclaim it in the name of Jesus.

This will be like doing a complex jigsaw; there will be many groups working in different ways and it may appear at times to be a bit messy , more like a conflict but I know what I have planned so it will be vital to keep looking to me, to listen for my voice, and to be completely obedient! Do not be concerned that others will be doing things and moving in different ways for I am in control and will bring the whole process together as long as you hear me and are obedient.

This will be a large and complex work and will take time so look to me for my strength and power and do not be tempted to move in your own strength, this will be demanding and tiring work.

When Jonah spoke to Nineveh the people repented and turned back to me, so too will this nation turn back to me as I speak through my children.

There are many links that have been developed between this nation and other countries over the years and I am planning that the work of salvation here in the UK will flow through these links to these other countries. This process will follow on as areas of the UK are claimed back and salvation comes.

I am excited about this whole process as I have longed for the UK to turn back to me, a nation that has drifted further and further away from me and my ways.

Take heart, my children, for I have heard your prayers and I am now ready to move in power and release this nation from slavery to sin just as I released my people from slavery in the days of Moses.

However, as this work progresses do remember to remain faithful to me and don’t look back and grumble as my people did in Moses’ time; they had to spend longer in the wilderness because of their grumbling and I do not want this for you. So keep your eyes fixed on me, be still and listen for my voice and above all be obedient to me, my children, then you will behold me moving in my mighty power and see salvation coming to this land!

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