Are you having a laugh?!

As we journey with our Vision to Call the Nation to Prayer, God continues to lay the foundations and add to our growing trail of clues and evidence as to what He wants all of this to look like.

The joy of the lordWednesday 21 February, Suzanne Ferrett, one of our Team and I visited the leader of a national prayer ministry. We hope to be able to say more about that soon, but during our time together we listened to the Holy Spirit and wrote what we heard onto a piece of A3 paper!

The leader got the word, ‘FUN’! We also felt to write down, ‘mixing of paints’ (lots of bright colours), ‘the joy of the Lord is our strength‘, ‘smile, ‘be happy’, ‘reclaim the year of The Lord’s favour‘.

All of this we believed was in the context of what should happen when Christians take to the streets. We must be attractive so that people come out of their homes and follow… not only the Christians themselves, but Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We felt that a real joy needed to be right at the centre of everything – something that is often sadly lacking not only on our streets, but in The Church too!


Holy LaughterSunday 25th February, I heard about a short prophetic word by Chris Bennett, published on the Blog, UK Prophetic Words.

Chris starts off: Amid all the chaos of the world right now, I see Holy laughter! I’d been watching some old video clips from various people, when I suddenly had a vision of people rolling around, absolutely laughing fit to bust. In the middle of this I heard the Lord say, “I’m bringing this back!”

Then a little later: “One of the first signs shall be My joy manifested among My people…'”

Click here to read the entire word.


2018-02-26 16.38.53-1Monday 26 February, the CTNTP Team gathered in Coventry Prayer House for a prayer and strategy meeting. The first thing we did was to pray in The Spirit and as the previous week, write down what we felt God was saying on a piece of A3 paper.

I wrote ‘JOY’ in the middle in red, then stood up to pray. As I did so, I immediately found myself standing in front of a metal wall ornament, consisting of a saxophone with musical notes around it. I looked more closely and saw that someone has painted some words on it:

I read, ‘Worship The Lord with gladness, Come before Him with Joyful songs – Psalm 100:2′2018-02-26 16.38.53-2

Also painted there was the word, ‘Laugh’!

I did!

The Lord clearly has a sense of humour, but is surely making a point that CTNTP, as it goes forward, indeed The Church in our nation, must seriously consider…!

David Gilbey

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