Hovering birds!

tractor drawingNow it is interesting that in yesterday’s Blog post, ‘Seed time and harvest – together’ (click here), I made reference to and indeed posted a little sketch that I had drawn of a tractor, (minus plough!), ploughing a field, which had bird’s flying behind it. (Yes those squiggles are birds!).

In that post, I hadn’t made any mention of the birds, nor had thoughts that they were relevant, but maybe here follows the explanation?

We’ve just received an email from a brand new subscriber to CTNTP, Andy Ritchie, from Sutton Vineyard Church, South West London. Andy had been looking through our website. He wrote the following, shared with his permission:

‘I related to many of the articles and was encouraged, the fires Jean Darnall described, I had seen a couple of weeks ago while praying. I joined a friend who had a vision that after seven times prayer walking round a local estate, a band /sound would be appearing. Before I went out I felt that the army of the Lord would be there fighting on our behalf, at a certain point and saw an image like a huge bird in the sky (Spiritual realm), when we reached that point and went to battle praying. The verse my friend cited confirmed this:

“The LORD of Heaven’s Armies will hover over Jerusalem and protect it like a bird protecting its nest. He will defend and save the city; he will pass over it and rescue it.” Isaiah 31:5 .’ (NLT).

large bird Isaiah 31

This whole chapter in Isaiah (click here to read), is about the folly of not trusting in God, repentance and reformation and God’s protection over a nation.

Could we replace ‘Jerusalem’ with, ‘the United Kingdom’?

Andy then went on to say:

‘Below is the post from the friend I was with…

Final lap of the 7 day walk, unbelievable feeling a shift happen has we walked around the estate, in the cold we felt the prescience of the Holy Spirit, something shifted, we felt, that God was operating the biblical word “BAN” over the spiritual forces. Meaning it felt like the cause of the idols, deprivation, materialism will be addressed and wiped out.
We prayed for the following areas: For a path to be made in the wilderness. We prayed about the deceit, that is taking place, in unbelievers and followers of Jesus, we repented and asked God to fill us with a deeper revelation of God.
We prayed that our faith will be authentic and that we will, be a light, we felt, that God was going to strengthen weak Christians, that more warriors will be joining the war, these people will not be full of empty words, or a plastic faith but a real deep love for Jesus and their focus will be to do his will.

Regarding the vision the fires Jean Darnall described, I have seen also couple of weeks ago while praying during the end of the service, many strong large fires burning brightly, our Lord Jesus was walking around them and then knelt down and wrote in the sand?’

Finally Andy wrote this:

wake up UK alarm clock‘Our H.O.T.S [Healing on the Streets] and prayer ministry leaders from our church were praying early in the morning last month, before anyone arrived and heard an audible voice speak and say “WAKE UP!”. (they even went outside to check if anyone was outside and found nobody).’


Do weigh and seek God over these words. Thank you Andy for allowing us to share them.

David Gilbey

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