A Dream of Angels at a table – Peter Hill

The Bible tells us in Joel 2:28, that in the last days before the return of Jesus, we should expect people to have prophetic words, dreams and visions. That is of course how CTNTP came along, when in 2015, Peter Hill heard The Lord tell him to, ‘call the nation to prayer’.

Daniel and angel
An Angel shuts the mouths of lions to protect Daniel – a man of prayer

During the night on 7th March 2018, Peter Hill had a dream. He describes it thus:

‘I was in a large hall with a very long table down the centre with what seemed like about 12 angels seated one side and about 12 angels seated the other side. The table (like a long narrow medieval table from the middle ages used for feasting!).
The table was white, as were the angels and the angels were talking and discussing together – it seemed that the angels on the left side of the table were responsible for guarding people in the different prayer movements, particularly those who were stepping out in faith, encouraging them to be diligent in what they were doing and aligning with the purposes of God; on the other side of the table, the angels were getting ready to leave to deal with principalities which, left unattended, would invade and seek to cause chaos and confusion among the people of God.
This seemed to relate to UK, and CTNTP in particular, especially as we begin to forge links and relationships with other prayer movements and they with us. As we begin our journey – Call The Nation To Prayer, we keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!’
We see from Scripture, accounts of angels being involved in the affairs men and women on earth, protecting them and engaging in battle with demonic forces. Of course, angels serve The Lord, not us. These Bible verses, although not exhaustive, are also helpful:
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