A Scarlet thread – confirmations received!

scarlet threadYesterday, we published a post, which included what we feel is a ‘prophetic poem’,concerning the blood of Jesus, which we saw as a scarlet thread running through history. Click here to read.

We have since received the following two most exciting responses to the post:


From Susan

This post is beyond thrilling for Elle and I.

As you know [actually CTNTP were not aware of these specifics!] as we have been in place of deep intercession 24/7 for many months for this tipping point event. We have had many encounters during this time and our theme throughout has been THE SCARLET THREAD. Our intercession is complete as of tomorrow 6 pm.

We have fasted sleep except for a couple of hours a night for almost 4 months! We are so looking forward to sleep!

Be blessed Peter and all of the team.

Our hearts are with you all!

Giving King Jesus the warmest welcome and the highest praise.


From Helen

This post has given me great encouragement because on Saturday morning I went to Gloucester Cathedral and went on a guided tour of the crypt. The guide showed us an art sculpture made of red string and informed us it was illustrating the passage of time through the ages.

I felt sad at his words and thought – No! This speaks of the redemptive power of Jesus blood and felt the Holy Spirit say “A scarlet thread weaving through time.”

Sadly I can’t attend prayers in Coventry on Saturday but my heart and spirit stand in agreement with you for renewal and revival to come, Amen


One thought on “A Scarlet thread – confirmations received!”

  1. Hi this is a personal response, not to be put on website!

    I thought that the message I sent would be seen by Peter Hill. He knows me and knows about the intercessory role Elle and I have been playing. David Gilbey has met me too. I led the CALL2LONDON Please will you forward my previous reply to Peter! I think he will be encouraged to receive it! Many thanks!!!

    Love and blessing to you all

    Giving Jesus the highest honour!!!!

    Susan Fisher

    Sent from my iPad



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