A Scarlet thread, weaving through Time

scarlet threadIn our post-modern, pluralistic society, we always seem to be straining ahead, looking to the next ‘thing’ that we can acquire to bring meaning and satisfaction to our lives, things like our career, relationships, a new home, car, phone… you get the picture?

And yet Jesus came to take us back to the beginning, to a time and place where there was nothing to acquire! Adam and Eve, walked in the cool of the day with their creator God, Father, Daddy. He had just created it all – perfection! Adam and Eve had and needed nothing – not even clothes – there weren’t any! – but had everything.

Of course, we know the story, they quickly wrecked it! A forbidden apple eaten, a lie told and separation, being cast out of Eden, to go it alone…

Although of course, God never truly abandoned them – even sending them on their way with clothes, that hid their embarrassment, the guilt of their sin.

All through Old Testament times, The Lord chose particular men and women, the prophets, the priests, the kings, even ordinary folk, to proclaim His Kingdom, in an attempt to bring His beloved people back to Him. Ultimately all failed.

Then, 2000 years ago, in a plan already made, God sent His Son, as a Saviour, and as a man like us, who bled and died, from the Cross He cried, “It is Finished!”, restoring all that sin had stolen.

As each of us forge ahead, it is surely time to stop! This Nation must turn, turn and look back to the beginning and as we do, we will see a scarlet thread, the blood of Jesus twisting and winding and flowing from God’s heart to ours. As we reach out to Him, He will embrace us and renewal and revival will come.


Today, we received this poem, which we use with permission. We believe it is prophetic for this moment for the United Kingdom:

The Scarlet Thread – Joshua 2:18-19

Through my life there runs a Scarlet Thread,
Red, like at the start, at the heart of it all,
when love tracked livid crimson down a rough hewn tree
for me, building my bridge of sighs.

Innocent blood painting out sin’s penalty overdue
Woven through the window frame of
the woman of shame that her line would be fulfilled;
until the man of sorrows pays the weaver’s bill.

The thread warps and wefts its way through the promised tangle.
The angle now being set on a new covenant
Confident that the Scarlet Thread still weaving through time
Is a sign that all is not yet lost?

Dave Watts, March 2017

6 thoughts on “A Scarlet thread, weaving through Time”

  1. John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (17) For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
    Oh, wonderful Holy Ghost here you are this morning speaking to us through your word concerning those who are lost. These are the lost sheep, those who have yet to hear the gospel message. This morning you remind us to pray for the Father to draw them, drag them is the fuller meaning, to impel them to Jesus. Your word reminds us of your love for the world, the entire world, meaning the inhabitants of the earth, men, the human family, every tribe, tongue, and nation. We are in harmony with your word and your heart oh Father, mighty God. Draw the lost this day, Lord of the harvest send forth laborers to preach and bring the light of the gospel to the streets of London and every town and surrounding village and all of the UK. Draw those who have heard and are born again to serve you in the fields of harvest, stir the laborers up to obey the great commission to go and preach the gospel to every creature. Thank you, Jesus, for your love and obedience to do the Father’s will. We pray to do the same, open our hearts to love the lost and to go. Here am I Lord send me. Amen


  2. This post is beyond thrilling for Elle and I.

    As you know as we have been in place of deep intercession 24/7 for many months for this tipping point event. We have had many encounters during this time and our theme throughout has been THE SCARLET THREAD. Our intercession is complete as of tomorrow 6pm.

    We have fasted sleep except for a couple of hours a night for almost 4 months! We are so looking forward to sleep!

    Be blessed Peter and all of the team.

    Our hearts are with you all!

    Giving King Jesus the warmest welcome and the highest praise

    Susan Fisher and Elle (Elle lived for years in Canada)


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    1. Susan – I read this and was truly staggered! I actually did not know of the intercession, and certainly not the depth to which you and Elle have been involved. A profound thank you – and the timing, the confirmation! I’ve alerted the Team, including Peter, to the post concerning the poem and your response – the first two have simply replied, WOW! May you be so blessed. Renewal and revival in truly at hand in our Nation, because of the Blood of Jesus.
      David Gilbey – Co-ordinator CTNTP


  3. This post has given me great encouragement because on Saturday morning I went to Gloucester Cathedral and went on a guided tour of the crypt. The guide showed us an art sculpture made of red string and informed us it was illustrating the passage of time through the ages. I felt sad at his words and thought – No! This speaks of the redemptive power of Jesus blood and felt the Holy Spirit say “A scarlet thread weaving through time.”
    Sadly I can’t attend prayers in Coventry on Saturday but my heart and spirit stand in agreement with you for renewal and revival to come, Amen


    1. Helen – another amazing confirmation! The Blood of Jesus flows from beginning to end of time and His redemptive power is surely about to released in our Nation. Thank you so much for your continued prayers.
      David Gilbey – Co-ordinator CTNTP


  4. I Praise God for each comment, each response has so impacted me to see the level of love and commitment for this move of God that has obviously already begun. Here in Texas, USA I come in agreement with you watching and praying for England and all of the UK.


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