Encouragement from our Subscribers…

As people have subscribed to receive news from CTNTP and in response to our ‘As One’ event, just 4 days away, on 29th September, we have been mightily encouraged by comments placed on the online subscription forms. Here are a few:


Thank you for your being faithful to the call to prayer for this nation….

This is thrilling and this will have consequences beyond our imagination

We look forward in anticipation

Church Arise Wake up!

Thrilled about this prayer meeting.

I can’t be with you but am so inspired by what you are doing and the timing. Am praying for you all

Will be praying along with you for a Great Awakening in our Nations!


Prayer rippleIf you can’t be with us on 29th September, this is just the beginning! Do pray wherever you are, and expect the ‘ripple’ from the event to reach where you live!

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