Beacon Britain – a prophetic dream

The following was published on 29th March 2019 on the website:, authored by David Cooper.

It contains some themes that dovetail with words we at CTNTP have been hearing from other sources. You might hear echos of Jean Darnall’s 1967 prophecy of fires lighting around the nation – read here.

Also there is reference to the jump starting of a heart is mentioned – read here an article we published in June 2018

What does The Holy Spirit say to you:

David CooperJoel 2:28  And it shall come to pass in the last days…..

“…your old men shall dream dreams…”

The other night I dreamed a dream of BEACON BRITAIN.

There came a parting, a hole in the uniform layer of cloud. A shaft of brilliance from above arrowed down like a searchlight, and moved almost imperceptibly until it picked out and highlighted the small, crowded islands we call Great Britain, and there it stopped.

The aperture in the clouds widened and somehow changed until it resembled a lens that, like a magnifying glass, greatly increased the burning potential of the heavenly brilliance as it played over the earth below.

At first here and there, and then in a rapidly multiplying spread, random fires broke out across the nation, as if by spontaneous combustion.


Said the Voice.

For generations heaven had been gathering kindling for the beacon from many nations, cultures and religions. Then years of increasingly secularist society and government, followed by a season of confusion, insecurity and social and economic upheaval, as the U.K. faces leaving the E.U., had rendered the kindling tinder-dry and ready for heaven to use as an eye-catching “burning bush”.

In every part of British society more and more people are touched by the brooding Brilliance, but the most deeply affected, at least at first, is the “visible Church” of Jesus Christ.



Said the Voice.

The radical intervention of the brilliance on the Church was like “jump-starting” the heart so that it regained rhythm and flexibility, circulation and functionality. Dry bones reconnected, were fleshed out, Spirit fuelled and radically realigned as a force to be reckoned with.


Said The Voice.

As the Church grew miraculously, and in the miraculous, signs and wonders became commonplace, and society was increasingly influenced and affected. But the “climate change” effect of the brilliance went far, far beyond the visible Church organizations and the communities they served. The brilliance was an atmosphere, an ethos, which brooded over the entire nation rather than being centered on an organization or movement.

People of all ages, all classes, all types, all races, all religions, seemingly at random, were affected. They dreamed dreams, or saw visions, they heard “words”, or had overwhelming experiences, some had a “light bulb moment” or came to a moment of realization after long search. Often there was physical or emotional healing accompanying the experience. The common denominator in every case was that each felt that they had had a divine encounter, and somehow had “met the Jesus of the Bible”.

The Brilliance jumped religious and cultural barriers so that people of every corner of British society met the King. Soon the spread of the Kingdom dwarfed the explosive growth of the Church. People of all types and religions encountered Jesus, from business suited executives to burka clad wives, from boiler suited welders to bewigged lawyers, from schoolchildren to residents of care homes or inmates in prisons.

There were people from every possible part of society, street traders, street sweepers, street walkers and street sleepers. People of every political, sexual, philosophical or cultural persuasion were affected, but many, because of their cultural background, didn’t have much contact with the visible church, and didn’t go on to “do church” in the conventional way, though they now tended to instinctively affirm the visible Churches views and values.

“Clusters” formed of the family, friends and acquaintances of those touched by the Brilliance as others they knew sought and found a similar experience for themselves. Electronic “clusters” with a similar effect formed on social media and spread like wildfire across the nation and beyond.

The sale of Bibles jumped, and versions many in many languages were downloaded onto kindles and other screens, as people sought to understand what had happened to them. Although the effect of the Kingdom Brilliance did not coalesce into an organization, the changed hearts of so many across society meant that the moral and ethical tone of the nation rose from an all-time low to unprecedented heights.


Said the Voice.

Winds from the North and West caught up showers of sparks, spreading the fires across Europe and on to encircle the globe. Spiritually from above the globe had resembled a dark night sky with a few glowing planets and a sprinkling of stars, but now more and more points of light, like newly birthed stars, were appearing everywhere, as Kingdom fire touched people of every kind. Once again the spread of the Kingdom dwarfed the considerable growth of the visible Church across the planet.

Now the Brilliance stood over Britain as a column of leaping flames, and the I AM Himself arose in the midst of the conflagration of Beacon Britain to address the nations of Earth.


Said the Voice.

3 thoughts on “Beacon Britain – a prophetic dream”

  1. O Lord may we be faithful in prayer and May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in our lives and in our Nation. In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ


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