London Rising – Half Night of Prayer – Nov 8th

An opportunity for a half night of prayer in our capitol, from our friends at London Prayer:

London PrayerPrayLondon Gatherings

In London, how you gather the church to pray together can be a challenge due to the size of the city. This November though, a series of regional prayer meetings allow us to gather together under the PrayLondon banner and have a united voice with one prayer focus and common resources.

London rising prayer 8th Nov 2019

In North London on November 8th London Prayer are hosting a PrayLondon gathering from 8:30pm with a number of churches and prayer groups already committed to joining us.It is being held at St Barnabas, North Finchley and will end at 2am. Come and join us for as long as you’re able.

For more information and to Register Free on Eventbrite go to:

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