How Churches and the Police can work Together

How can you best work with and pray for your police service? Here is some great information and a challenge from Marie Reavey, Chair of National Council of the Christian Police Association.

Marie ReaveyGood Day,

I hope you are keeping well and had a good Easter.

You may be aware, Spring Harvest decided to go online with YouTube this week. Here is  a short teaching video entitled ‘How Churches and the Police Can Work Together’ which summarises ‘Faith and Police Together’ and how churches can work with and support their local police:

I really do believe that, post lockdown as we adjust, Faith and Police Together can be a key part of the ‘new normal’.  Here in Norfolk we now have a dedicated officer tasked with engaging with all faith communities and is compiling a comprehensive contacts list and building some good relationships with churches.  He has been impressed and surprised by the amount of great work that the churches are doing, and there is a real desire from our Citizens in Policing Team to ensure that the contacts they are making are not lost, and a desire to partner with churches and faith groups post Covid.

A few prayer pointers for this time.  Please pray for:-

  • Those suffering with Mental health problems, particularly self-harm and suicidal thoughts.
  • Households where domestic violence and abuse is prevalent.  Safety and protection for victims and perpetrators to stop and for justice to be done.
  • Safety for children at risk of abuse, violence and neglect.
  • There has been an increase in fraud types of crime pray for those that would exploit the vulnerable and Covid-19 to be brought to justice and for the vulnerable and victims to be not fall prey to their schemes.  Pray that criminals wanting to exploit these times would be stopped and their plans would be thwarted.
  • Protection and wisdom for frontline officers and staff having to deal with the public (protection from those using Covid-19 as a weapon against them i.e. spitting and coughing at them)
  • For relationships to be forged between the Police and churches at this time to form strong foundations to move Faith and Police Together forward, post lockdown.
  • For those working in mortuaries and for funeral directors to have all they need to cope with the demand and to be able to ensure families and relatives are able to say goodbye to their loved ones in as timely a fashion as possible
  • The end of the lockdown process to be smooth, effective and efficient.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers.

May God keep you well.


CPA helping Christians in Police

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