Six Miles with Jesus – Week 3: Praying for the Lonely and Sick

From our friends at Neighbourhood Prayer Network

See our recent article, Six Miles with Jesus over the Summer Holidays for details –Click here.

Mile walk, week commencing 6th August – Praying for the Lonely and Sick




We are asking everyone to go ‘A Mile with Jesus’ in your local community.

  • If you live in urban areas, simply walk one mile around your area.
  • If you live in a rural area, consider praying over a map.
  • If you are unable to walk, please pray in your mind about the local area.


Psalm 68:6: God places the lonely in families.

  • We bring before you anyone in our street and in surrounding streets, who go to bed at night crying, because they are so lonely and feel no-one cares for them.
  • For those who have just suffered a family breakdown, a bereavement or those desperate to meet a partner/husband/wife, to find someone soon.
  • For all those who are so ill, it is difficult to leave their house or take part in social activities.   Help families, friends and neighbours, remember them and visit more often.
  • For all those in severe pain or struggling to breathe, bring healing.
  • Bring comfort to those already missing voluntary groups that have shut down over the summer.  Help the volunteers use this time to be refreshed.
  • Soften our own hearts towards those in need in our neighbourhood and open our eyes to the people you want us to help.
  • Lord, teach me to be a real friend to those in need, even when it becomes difficult.


  • Ask God to reveal to you a neighbour who needs encouragement or a new friend.  (This activity is not suitable for under 18s please, unless they are the same age).


  • Think back to a time when you were feeling lonely or ill and God helped you.  Ask God for an opportunity to share your story with someone soon.


Next week we are praying for the promise of new babies and children, for all who desire them in your neighbourhood.

Rebekah Brettle
Neighbourhood Prayer Network

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