Smith Wigglesworth’s 1939 Prophecy

Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth’s 1947 prophecy of worldwide revival is extremely well known and as you may know,  a major influence for Call the Nation to Prayer.

Less known is a similar word, which speaks of a worldwide revival, particularly of healing, that he gave to evangelist Dr Lester Sumrall in 1939.

You can hear Dr Sumrall describe some of his experiences with Wigglesworth, including an account of this same word, on this YouTube Clip – the account concerning the prophetic word starts at 19 mins and the video starts from there.

We have also found the below account, transcribed from an online article at the website of Gary Carpenter Ministries.

(The article is here in PDF format:

As always with prophetic words, do weigh what you read or hear!


Smith Wigglesworth 1939 Prophecy

In 1939 World War II was about ready to break out. Lester Sumrall was in his twenties. He was working in a Bible school in England and he got to know Smith Wigglesworth. He read his books and heard about his ministry. He had been going over and visiting Smith Wigglesworth in his home for several years. Every other week he would visit him. Smith Wigglesworth would also have Brother Sumrall to speak at his conventions.

Dr Lester Sumrall
Dr Lester Sumrall

One day, Lester Sumrall went to tell Smith Wigglesworth that a police officer had come to his door and told him that everyone who was not an English citizen would have to leave the country. Hitler was threatening to come across the English Channel, so all foreigners had to leave.

The young Sumrall explained to the elder minister, “I came to say goodbye to you. I appreciate all that you have put in to me.” Now, here was a young minister in his twenties, and here was a man in his eighties who wanted to give his gift to somebody.

Smith Wigglesworth told the young minister, “I want to bless you.” So he held him and said, “Lord, everything that I have, bless him with it! Give it to him!” Smith Wigglesworth started weeping as he pulled Brother Sumrall in closer.

“He was a big man, and as he held me close into him, his tears rolled off his face and they would hit me in my face,” Brother Sumrall explained.

Wigglesworth cried saying, “I probably won’t see you again now. My job is almost finished.”

As he continued to pray, he cried “I see it, I see it!”

Brother Sumrall asked, “What do you see, what do you see?

He said, “I see a healing revival coming right after World War II. It’ll be so easy to get people healed. I see it! I see it! I won’t be here for it, but you will be.” And there was a healing revival right after the war.

He continued to prophesy, “I see another one. I see people of all different denominations being filled with the Holy Ghost.” That was the Charismatic Revival. God raised up people during that era, like the Full Gospel Businessmen.

Then Brother Wigglesworth continued, “I see another move of God. I see auditoriums full of people, coming with notebooks. There will be a wave of teaching on faith and healing.” We did experience that wave he saw, and we call it the Word of Faith movement.

Then he prophesied, “After that, after the third wave,” he started sobbing. “I see the last day revival that’s going to usher in the precious fruit of the earth. It will be the greatest revival this world has ever seen! It’s going to be a wave of the gifts of the Spirit. The ministry gifts will be flowing on this planet earth. I see hospitals being emptied out, and they will bring the sick to the churches where they allow the Holy Ghost to move.”

2 thoughts on “Smith Wigglesworth’s 1939 Prophecy”

    1. strange that I have a slightly different version I kept – that ‘following the charismatic renewal there would be church planting (which has also happened) and as this dies down then will come the greatest revival……’
      I wonder why they vary?


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