Peter Hill’s visit to England September / October 2016

Second visit to England 20th September to 5th October 2016

Thank you to everyone who prayed, gave and stood with me as I travelled to England from Canada for a second visit these past few weeks.

What is happening I can only describe as unusual.

A great movement of prayer is sweeping the nation of England at this time – also, reports coming in at the same time from Yinka Oyekan and others of hundreds of people coming to Christ on the streets.

Following much prayer, we are seeing the role of CTNTP to include the following:

1. To seek to serve, encourage and bless what is already happening.

2. Slowly but surely, The Holy Spirit is drawing hearts together across the nation – It Is ‘A Sovereign Work of God’ – no-one else could have organized or made this up – not everyone knows what the other is doing yet (as I found out in my 1200 mile visit this time round, but connecting is in the process!) but I travelled from Sussex/Kent (Filling Station with Philip Crocker) to Birmingham (Vic and Jenny Gledhill and Ian Cole, World Prayer Centre) and Worcester (Phil and Sally Thompsett), to Cornwall (The Gathering with Roy and Brenda Taylor in their home), Bridgnorth, Shropshire, (Met this group first visit at Ffald-y-Brenin, thank you Marc and Sue Fensome), Essex (Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer with David Gilbey), London (Call2London with Peter and Sue Fisher and Team), Norfolk (Call to Prayer with Jill Gower and Team) and Buckinghamshire (with Andy and Shaaron Forbes, Kings Church).

This last visit also helped to link up and work with David Gilbey, who is busy setting up a website for CTNTP. [you are on it!] David is a retired police officer who has a passion for prayer and leads a 24-7 prayer movement in the District of Chelmsford, Essex. David is a family man but took the time to look after a number of details before and during my time in England of which I am most grateful. I also found out he is more savvy than I am when it comes to the internet which is another blessing!

3. David Gilbey and myself were invited to The Call 2 London 30th September which was outstanding and prophetic, with hundreds coming to Emmanuel Centre, Westminster to come before the Lord for the Nation – Peter and Sue Fisher faithfully prepared and arranged this over many months in response to direct leadings from the Lord – it was a privilege to be a part of this extraordinary event, which helped lay the foundation of repentance for England.

4. David Gilbey was able to attend the National Day of Prayer – Trumpet Call 2016 – in Birmingham on 15th October which was significant. The World Prayer Centre is a main Prayer Hub in U.K. along with Ian Cole and team and is being greatly used nationally and worldwide.

5. Call The Nation To Prayer is simply that: Call The Nation To Prayer . . . we continue to respond to this Call which we believe is from the Lord – we sense the time is urgent and the time is now, and join together with the other calls for prayer. All who share a passion for prayer are invited to visit the website and to make it known.

Also one of the objectives of CTNTP is to help link up the many centres of prayer plus connecting where little or no connection exists at present.

6. Although the emphasis of CTNTP is England at this time, it is wonderful to hear of spiritual awakening in Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well. Also, as the Lord directs, CTNTP we believe is to spread to the nations.

7. Thoughts regarding unity – more to be shared next time – please share what the Lord is showing you too.

With Greetings in our Lord Jesus.

Peter Hill

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