The Wall – The Architects Visit the Land

The Wall with wording

We’ve just received an update from The Wall of Answered Prayer about this exciting project, which will be situated in a visible location the heart of our nation in the West Midlands. They write:

We were thrilled that the architectural teams behind our five shortlisted designs visited the land in August. This was their first exposure to the land, and their initial impressions were overwhelmingly positive. They began to consider how to fit their designs to the practicalities of the site and heard more of the vision behind the project as they met with our team. This is a significant step forward, the architects updated designs will be judged leading to a land and design reveal in late Spring 2019.

Things are really starting to heat up, our profile is increasing across Christian and architectural media and news about the project is spreading. This is a critical season for the project as we continue to diligently press in to God’s calling and plough the ground until He takes us to the next season, which we believe will be incredibly fruitful. We are so excited that you are with us on this journey in the early stages, and hope that you are encouraged by the progress we are making.

More details:


See below the final five designs for The Wall (click on any one to open a slide show):

 We Need Your Support

As you can see, we are making huge progress. However, along with this comes increased cost. We need £31k as soon as possible to cover upcoming costs. Thank you so much if you have already given, God’s provision has been astounding so far. However, please prayerfully consider if you are able to donate to the project and fund God’s work in and through The Wall. Any contributions will be gratefully received.

Click here to donate: 


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