London on the Brink – 2nd of 4 nights of prayer – Ilford – 8 Mar

A New Sound for The Kingdom IS rising over our Nation and before Christmas, we were excited to hear of four ALL NIGHT meetings, during the first part of 2019, to create a New Sound over London!

The second will be from 10 pm Friday 8th March, in Ilford.

Register via Eventbrite:

London on the Brink poster.JPG

A call to 4 nights of Praise, Worship and Declaration at the Four Gateways of London – Releasing Heaven’s New Sound over the City from the North, South, East and South Gates.

These meetings are jointly hosted by Liberation Ministries – and Passion for the Nation – (which is closely associated to Call the Nation to Prayer).

The 4 Meetings are: –
North Gate – January 11th 2019 – Wembley Christian Centre, Carlton Avenue East, HA9 8LX
East Gate – March 8th 2019 – Capstone Church, 316 High Road, Ilford IF2 2QW
West Gate – 10th May 2019 – Chiswick Christian Centre, Fraser Street W4 2DA
South Gate – July 5th 2019 – Venue to be announced

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