61-61 – The Call from Wembley 31 August 2019

Just received from World Prayer Centre, Birmingham – www.worldprayer.org.uk

WPC 61-61

61-61:  The Call from Wembley 31 August 2019

On 31 August at the Wembley Arena Day of Prayer, we prayed that in these days of national uncertainty, hostility and division, the church will stand in the opposite spirit of unity and humility demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit in word and action.

We prayed that in answer to our humility, sacrifice and obedience, the fire of God will fall on the church and our nation.  We believe at this time God is calling us to really persevere in prayer, stand on the truths of His Word and believe that despite what we see and hear, His purposes are being outworked as we the church, carry the Jesus mandate of Isaiah 61 across the nation.

Whatever happens politically, we believe it is time for the Good News to be preached, the broken-hearted to be healed, freedom to the captives and release for those who are bound.

We issued a 61-day Prayer Call focused on Isaiah 61 and it’s not too late for you to join the call.

Download a pdf of the Nationwide Call to Prayer – click here

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