A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays – the world has fast forwarded 10 years in the past year!
As churches resume ‘actual’ services, it might be a good time to STOP for four weeks…!
Not going back to how things were before, but going forward based on what has been learned.
‘Follow a roadmap towards Joining Jesus in His Mission by becoming a disciple-making  community’.

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The ROOFTOP – Prayer & Encounter – starts Thursday 4 Feb

Zoom logoThursdays at 9pm for 30 minutes
Meeting ID: 810 337 077


2019-10-13 20.05.08As we have previously announced, CTNTP has partnered with global ministry, The Rooftop. In conjunction with City Prayer, Chelmsford, (the city where The Rooftop is based), we want to invite you to a new weekly time of encounter and exploration!
The Rooftop exists to equip Christians to join Jesus in his mission by equipping disciples who make disciples.
The Rooftop is inspired by Peter’s rooftop encounter with God recorded in Acts 10, which led to the spread of the Gospel ‘beyond the walls’ of the church.
2nd October 2022, The Rooftop Global Encounter, will be launched from Chelmsford, the birthplace of radio and indeed all modern communications. The Rooftop Global Encounters is anticipated to be to be the world’s largest Christian gathering, aiming to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls.
The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter
Commencing Thursday 4th February 2021, 9pm to 9.30pm and then every Thursday, there will be a new weekly online meeting.
Together we will:
Explore the vision of The Rooftop
Pray over the emerging work of The Rooftop in the UK.
Pray for the Global Encounter.
and by no means least:
Make space for your own life changing, ‘rooftop encounter’ with God.
All throughout the UK are very welcome to join us and maybe become part of the journey with The Rooftop:
The meetings will be hosted by UK Pioneer for The Rooftop and leader of City Prayer, Chelmsford, David Gilbey.

Rooftop Global encounter 021022


The Rooftop – New Website Launched

Be part of the Global Rooftop world map

Find out more and how you can become involved therooftop.org

The Rooftop is a global ministry equipping Christians to join Jesus in his mission by equipping disciples who make disciples. The Rooftop is inspired by Peter’s rooftop encounter with God recorded in Acts 10, which led to the spread of the Gospel ‘beyond the walls’ of the church.

CTNTPhas partnered with The Rooftop, who are organising The Rooftop Global Encounter, the world’s largest Christian gathering to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls.

To achieve this vision we are empowering Christians globally to unite on October 2, 2022 by hosting their own Rooftop Encounter with God, connecting millions at the same time.

Rooftop Global encounter 021022

Behold I do a New Thing -Special Announcement – CTNTP & The Rooftop

An important message from CTNTP UK Coordinator, David Gilbey

David Gilbey Oct 2020Hello everyone, trust that you are continuing to navigate the ‘strange times’ that we find ourselves living in and are finding strength, peace and purpose in The Lord.

Call The Nation to Prayer has always been considered simply ‘a directive’ from The Lord, a move of prayer for this nation, called, initiated and orchestrated by the Spirit of God. (see the Background to CTNTP here). We – that is CTNTPpeter-hill-cropped Founder, Peter Hill and I –  have not considered CTNTP to be an Organisation as such, but it has largely sought and existed to cheer on and be a catalyst to, all who yearn and pray for the coming of God’s Kingdom upon the UK.

In September 2018, Peter Hill and I believe we were led by The Spirit to hold two significant connected gatherings in two different locations, on one day in the centre of England. Called, ‘As One’, we prayed and declared unity and reconciliation; for Believers with emphasis on ‘The Spirit’ and those on ‘The Word’, across the UK Church to come together. We believe that ‘As One’ sent, ‘A revival Ripple’ out across the nation.

Since that time, we have largely felt to wait and to watch for echoes of the ‘ripples’ that went out on that day in 2018, in a sense to return. CTNTP has since been giving voice to many other prayer initiatives and prophetic words that resonate with our Vision for prayer across our nation.

Lockdown and a Shaking!

I, as many who are involved in prayer ministry across the UK and indeed the globe, have been sensing an impending ‘Shaking’. Well at the beginning of 2020, this certainly started. Covid has surely been shaking the whole earth!

Personally, this has caused me to pause, to reflect, to wait. What is The Lord saying through all this? What about CTNTP? What about everything else that I am involved in, which are several other local and national ministries? This has definitely not been a time to step forward and simply ask God to bless, but rather to wait until the Lord beckons to follow.

I encourage you to read an article I published on this website in January 2019 which was a prophetic word from Rick Joiner in the USA, entitled 2019: A Year of Unity and Shaking. ctntp.uk/2019-a-year-of-unity-and-shaking

Rick starts by saying:

2018 was a remarkable and wonderful year. 2019 will be even more so. Every year from now on will be more so, but key elements of a great spiritual critical mass will begin to come together in the coming year.

This will begin a spiritual atomic-like explosion in 2020. [shaking] What are the elements that are coming together for this to happen?…

A Time of Great Increase

The first will be a growing relationship and union with the Lord. Many have begun to experience the greatest times they have ever had in their relationship with the Lord. For those who seek Him, this will continually increase. There will also be an increasing unity and cooperation between individuals, ministries, and movements…

The Rooftop – Joining Jesus in His Mission

Logo -sky backgroundA few of you may already be aware of my journey and growing relationship with the expanding global movement known as, The Rooftop. I have been on their UK Board since the latter part of 2019.

The Vision of The Rooftop has a number of parallels to that of CTNTP. One obvious thing, it has a BIG vision! The Rooftop is global, currently developing in thirty plus nations and exists to see whole nations -including the UK  – turn to Christ. Partnership and unity with others with the same heart is at its centre. A key scripture for both The Rooftop and CTNTP is John 17:20-21, where Jesus prays for All Believers to be, ‘As One’.

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. (NIV).

Behold I do a New Thing! – CTNTP and The Rooftop come together

Although The Rooftop is based in the UK through its founder and now International Pioneer, Dennis Pethers, it has not had a specific person to take the ministry forward in the UK itself.

About 4 weeks ago, following the last few  months of covid-enforced pause and reflection, I believe God spoke to me and said ‘follow’, I have a ‘New Thing’ ahead for you and also CTNTP…

… and so, with immediate effect, I am delighted to announce that I have accepted an invitation to serve as The Rooftop as their UK Pioneer. I believe everything that I currently do must gradually distil around this new position.

Zoom David Peter Dennis 231020Discussions have just taken place between myself, Peter Hill and Dennis Pethers and together, we have a peace to become close partners. CTNTP and The Rooftop will for this next season journey together. This is not actually about either ministry, but a overarching desire to join with The Lord to see His Kingdom and the life changing message of Jesus, come in power upon our nation and the nations.

Practically, as a first step, the CTNTP website will shortly be updated to reflect this new partnership and our Blog – News and Views posts will be re-focussed around the collective vision. The CTNTP website has around 1300 visits per month, so will hopefully remain a valuable way of conveying the unfolding story.

A New Chapter - snip of page 1If it is of help, I have prepared a document which will tell you more about The Rooftop and for context, some personal background as to how I find myself now in the UK Pioneer role:

click here to view/download the document as a pdf

You can also read below a summary of The Rooftop ministry. Note that The Rooftop is shortly launching a newly updated website. Details of this will be made known soonest.

Peter Hill and I really hope that you will want to continue and support what is continuing to be a very exciting journey of faith!

Blessings to you all

David Gilbey

UK Coordinator CTNTP and UK Pioneer, The Rooftop

The Rooftop – a brief overview

Founded in 2014 by Essex man, Rev. Dennis Pethers, from small beginnings, it now has a rapidly expanding representation in thirty plus countries around the globe.

Carries a passion to see a vast number of Christians and churches be proactive in sharing their faith, joining Jesus in His Mission.

Based on the moment in scripture where Peter went to a rooftop to pray, he received from The Holy Spirit a fresh vision of God’s heart for the lost, which allowed the Good News to spread to the Gentiles. (Acts 10). Many Believers today also need such an encounter, leading to their own paradigm shift in thinking and vision.

Groups of Christians have their own Rooftop Encounter. If possible on a roof top or high place over their city, town, or region. Together, they take part in a guided time of prayer, listening to God and with opportunity for an encounter with The Holy Spirit. Many leave with a new commitment to relationship and unity in The Spirit to join Jesus in His mission to the lost.

National Pioneers are commissioned in each country and develop relationship and partnership with individual churches, local, regional or national Christian organisations, streams and denominations. In turn, these are encouraged to become Partners and ambassadors for The Rooftop where they are.

Chelmsford to The World – October 2022

2019-10-13 20.05.08The current rallying call of The Rooftop, is The Rooftop Global Encounter which will take place in just under two years time, on 2nd October 2022. Through Partnerships, it is envisaged that potentially thousands of Rooftop Encounters will all take place on one day across the world.

The Global Encounter will be launched in the City of Chelmsford, Essex, ‘The Birthplace of Radio’. In 1920, through the pioneering work of Marconi, the first ever transatlantic commercial radio broadcast was made from Chelmsford. The Rooftop strongly believes that through this amazing legacy and this time utilising modern media and TV/video broadcast technology, Chelmsford has been once again positioned by The Lord to be a most strategic place of global transmission, but this time for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Intimercy – CD Album now available

In August we told you about a new Album by our friend, with a God given musical talent, Rob Parker – Intimercy – read here.

We are please to announce that the Album has just been launched…

Wings Prayer House logo

I am so excited to have finally finished my new album Intimercy

CD cover -Intimercy

You can purchase a copy of the Album or any of Rob’s Albums on his website – robparkermusic.com/albums/ 


Here is the recording of the 10th October launch on YouTube
 and on Facebook

I praise Jesus for the inspiration for this album that came during lock down and time spent in Ffald-y-Brenin, Wales, StHilds, Whitby, Christ Church, Bridlington and Holy Nativity, Eastfield.
and my prayer His presence will embolden us to be carries of his mercy

WOW…love this dude…
“Intimercy is full of hauntingly beautiful melodies, sounds and songs, stirring our souls to a closer walk with Jesus. Be lifted by the new sound of the new era – a cry, a prayer, a longing to be in Gods presence, and for His presence to flood the earth! Well done Rob Parker on another beautiful album!”
Jarrod Cooper, songwriter, author, broadcaster.

Rob Parker has spent lockdown recording an accomplished album of fine new songs of worship, beautifully performed. As the pandemic continues we Christians need to draw close to Jesus in intimacy, not as an escape from the world, but to be transformed to demonstrate the love and hope that faith in him inspires. That is the theme of the title track ‘Intimercy’ (no misprint). In these troubled times we dare not be consumers of worship but worshippers transformed by Jesus. This album is a gift for these times. +
Bishop Graham Cray.  Former Bishop of Maidstone, and chair of Soul Survivor

this album is “seriously infectious” the 4th Song “*When Jesus Comes*” is difficult to get tired of and one seems to return to it often.
The album’s infectious nature stems from its well-balanced, sound, its positive vibe, and its meaningful lyrics. From the start  with the song “*Breath on Me*” to the exhilarating “*Run into your presence*”, the album is deep, emotional, and prophetic. The lyrics are particularly meaningful and potent,

 *Walter Horner* (D.Min)
Director of Global Missions Now Dallas Texas USA

During lockdown God has been calling His people into His presence.  Intimercy is the fruit of Rob’s time aside listening, loving and worshipping Jesus.  You will enjoy this album and be drawn into a new place of intimacy.

Sue Sinclair CWM

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer has planning permission!


We are delighted to be able to reproduce this wonderful news that has come today from our friends at The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer. eternalwall.org.uk

The eternal Wall permission granted picture

Breaking news!

The Eternal Wall new logo
The highest authority in the land has granted planning permission for a national landmark about Jesus.


This morning an exclusive feature in The Sunday Times announced this monumental news to the nation, and more press coverage is coming.

But we need your help.

Now is the time to be bold and declare to the nation that we believe in Jesus, the God who answers.

Here’s 3 ways you can help:

  1. Please pray that we can spread this news far and wide; that the national press pick up this story so that we can spread hope to a nation in need.
  2. Please share this video. Spread it across Facebook, WhatsApp groups, and social media. Let’s tell the world the good news!
  3. Please download this brochure and send it to anyone who could help to get Eternal Wall over the line. This landmark officially has the green light to be built!


Network for Revival – Pleading for those without hope

We are pleased to reproduce the latest Newsletter of Rev Tony Higton’s, Network for Revival. 

Please go to networkforrevival.co.uk for further details or contact Tony at email: tony@higton.info


Network for Revival September 2020

We have looked at five motives for prayer for revival:

Pleading the love of God: He loves his church and wants to bless it. He loves unbelievers and doesn’t want any to be lost. See http://networkforrevival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Prepare-17-February-2020-1.pdf

Pleading the name of God: The name of God is being gravely dishonoured by the failings of the church and the godlessness of society. See http://networkforrevival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Prepare-18-March-2020.pdf

Pleading the Kingdom of God: God’s Kingdom is hindered by a failing church and hastened by prayer and preparation for revival. See https://networkforrevival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Prepare-19-May-2020.pdf

Pleading the Blood of Christ: The shed blood of Jesus is the foundation for our prayers and we are meant to keep it in mind cf. Communion. See https://networkforrevival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Prepare-20-June-2020.pdf

Pleading the promises of God: The Lord makes truly amazing promises to answer prayer which many of us don’t take seriously enough. See https://networkforrevival.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Prepare-21-July-2020.pdf

In this issue we look at the 6th motive for prayer for revival.

Praying for Revival: Pleading for those without hope

One powerful motive for prayer and preparation for Revival is that many people are without hope. They do not share the wonderful assurance that comes through trusting in Christ and receiving eternal life through the Holy Spirit. We know that when we die we shall be “promoted to Glory” by the grace of God. They don’t.

In 2015 YouGov did a survey on British people’s views about death and the afterlife. They were asked “If there were a heaven and hell, which would you end up in?” 48% said in heaven, 10% said in Hell and 42% said they didn’t know. So 52% had no eternal hope. As for the 48%, was their hope of heaven based on a sure foundation?

Paul said “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied” (1 Cor 15:19). It is even worse for those who don’t even have hope in Christ in this life, let alone beyond death.

However, Jesus believed not only in heaven but also in Hell. The word “Hell” appears eleven times in the Gospels each time on the lips of Jesus. He describes it metaphorically as a blazing furnace or darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 8:12; 13:42,50; 25:30).

Every day I think about the many people who are without hope, and my heart goes out to them. This is a powerful motive for praying and preparing for Revival. How can we not be really distressed about it? How can we not reach out in love to such people? But our outreach, important though it is, is not sufficient to reach the millions. We need a great movement of God’s Spirit to achieve that.

I find this hopelessness of many human beings a very powerful motive for prayer for Revival. How we need Revival so that many, many people will be able to rejoice alongside us in the eternal life Jesus gives us now and ultimately in the wonderful blessings of heaven!

How is the prayer going?

As you know, the purpose of Network for Revival is to encourage people to pray for Revival. So, how is it going? No doubt we are at different stages. Some are praying briefly from time to time. Others are praying at length daily. Don’t worry about what stage you’re at but do ensure you are going deeper in prayer. Here are some things I have experienced as I have been praying seriously for Revival for the last few years.

Persevere and the Lord will teach you how to pray

Yes, you can read about prayer and listen to speakers about it. But prayer is basically a personal pilgrimage. And it’s a pilgrimage where you don’t fully know the destination or the route. It is an exercise in learning from the Lord. The important priority is to persevere, looking to the Lord, carrying on when you feel discouraged. The Holy Spirit will prompt you about new and additional ways of praying. Be careful to listen to him.

Persevere and the Lord will bless you in depth

Prayer for Revival is not about personal blessing. It’s about pouring your heart out in prayer for the church and society. But you can’t out-give God. If you persevere (and it takes determination) you will experience a great deal of personal blessing. I can testify to the fact that praying for Revival in this way has been just about the most rewarding spiritual experience I’ve had. So, persevere and you will be really encouraged, including by knowing you’re obeying God and fulfilling his purposes.

Persevere, listen to the Lord, take note and obey him

Prayer for Revival includes spiritual preparation. As you pray, God will speak to you. He will encourage you to draw closer to him and to correct things which are wrong in your life. I pray every day “Lord, as far as I know, I am right with you. But please show me if I’m not.” And he does!! When he speaks to you it is, of course, important to obey. Then you’ll be ready for the next thing he wants to tell you.

If you persevere in praying for Revival you will experience a gradual personal Revival. Go for it!

PS. May I challenge Christian leaders with a fair amount of time on their hands e.g. retired people like me? Why not step out in faith by praying at significant length each day? God needs real prayer warriors. You may not feel you are one but, bearing in mind the three points I’ve just shared you (yes, you) can become one!

Relevant quotations about Revival

Duncan Campbell: “I think again of those people in the Hebrides. How they longed and how they prayed and how they waited and how they cried, “Oh God, rend the heavens and come down,” and all the time God was handling them; all the time God was dealing with them and the process of cleansing went on until the moment came when angels and archangels looking over the battlements of glory cried, “God, the vessels are clean, the miracle can happen now.” I believe that with all my heart; it is the deep conviction of my soul that [angels] are ever gazing over the battlements of glory and waiting for a prepared people. It is one thing to shout it, it is one thing to sing it, it is one thing to talk about revival, but give me a people on their faces, seeking to be rightly related with God, and when that happens, we will soon know the impact of God-realization in our country.”

God bless you as you commit yourself to pray for Revival.


Network for Revival banner

Crystal Clear – your invite to an online Conference 25 & 26 Sept with Passion for the Nation

Passion for the Nation invites you to join them for their first ever Online conference!

We believe God has a unique call on our land that is significant, but it is also a time of enormous change, which heralds a new era. Jesus, said pray ‘Kingdom Come’, ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God’ but what does that mean within today’s world? Is there a plan?

We want to envision and equip you through this conference to be part of the Ekklesia which God is raising up.

We will explore the vision of what God wants to do in our nation as we seek to pioneer this Kingdom. We will seek to discover God’s heart for our nation and do our part in revealing and equipping you for the battle ground. Our battle is great because God has a calling on us and on our nation. God is calling out new movements in our day, movements of prayer and movements of His people as He also calls us to embrace our places of influence across society. We want you to go out from this conference with a deeper understanding of what is God’s Perspective, armed with the tools to help you play your part.

Pasion for the Nation conference Sept 2020