Passion for the Nation

passion-for-the-nation-flag-logoOn Monday 21st November, I took a fifty mile drive from Chelmsford and around the M25 to talk to Suzanne Ferrett, the founder of Passion for the Nation. Suzanne also travelled from where she lives in Windsor and we met around halfway between us, in a Starbucks just off of the motorway near St. Albans.

In October, I had been at the World Prayer Centre Trumpet Call event in Birmingham, and having been asked to be part of a small prayer team for the day, found that Suzanne was one of its members. Whilst I did not immediately recognise her, she remembered me from a Christian summer camp two years previously, where I was also on the prayer team. We then sat next to each other during the Trumpet Call event, although we didn’t talk about what we were currently involved in.

A few days later, I received an email newsletter from the World Prayer Centre, which included a link to the Passion for the Nation website. I had not been aware of this organisation previously and was drawn to take a look, immediately feeling that there was a ‘resonance’ between what they were doing and what Call the Nation to Prayer is all about. I then discovered that Suzanne was the founder of the ministry and felt constrained to contact her. Within a few days we had arranged to meet to establish relationship and to explore what God might be up to!

As well as Prayer, Prophetic Declaration and Decree is a most important factor in seeing a Nation changed. Jesus holds the position of both Priest and King , (see Zechariah 6:13) and as Believers in Christ, we have exactly the same privileges. We must realise that our position is in partnership; to ‘intercede’ (Pray) and to ‘rule and reign’, (Declare and Decree) alongside Him. We carry God’s authority to influence the affairs of this earth.

The Passion for the Nation website speaks some more about the power of prayer and declaration, and also publishes regular Declarations that you can use personally or in a prayer group setting. You can also sign up to receive these by email.

Suzanne has also written a booklet containing forty Biblically based Declarations called, Declarations to Change a Nation. I would recommend it to you.

Suzanne and I also shared personal testimony of our journey with God and discussed a number of topics. We parted believing that we had experienced a ‘God ordained’ meeting and to consider and pray about future connections. I will endeavour keep you informed as to developments!


David Gilbey




David Gilbey – Regional Hubs

Peter Hill believes that Regional ‘Hubs’ may well be part of God’s plan to help facilitate Call the Nation to Prayer.
When he was in England in April 2016, during a time of prayer, a lady called Clare saw a number of pylons carrying cable across the Nation which seemed to relate to leaders/Intercessors, centres and communications.
(Read more of Peter’s April visit here).

Earlier this year, before I had met, or even heard of Peter Hill, I was praying with a friend who runs a prayer organisation in the London area. My friend saw a small spider hanging from a thread of silk and as we prayed, in essence we felt God was talking to us about the threads of individual prayer groups, churches and organisations, becoming joined together into a strong and connected ‘web’.

Since meeting Peter and spending time talking and praying about CTNTP, this idea has again surfaced, but in the context of  regional ‘Hubs’, situated at key points in the Nation.

Over the last couple of years, I have seen that the larger prayer organisations around the UK are increasingly partnering and seeking to stand together However, I also believe that the many smaller groups that exist often do not know of each other, even if in adjacent localities. I see a need to create and build relationships and unity between them all – large and small.

I don’t see unity being about everyone praying for or doing exactly the same things; on the contrary, from my experience in running Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer, I can clearly see that locally based prayer needs to ‘look like’ the area which it serves. There is history and dynamics both physical and spiritual in any region, city, town or village that must always be considered by those situated in, or called to serve in them. ‘One size fits all’ does not do the job! At the same time larger prayer movements can be great providers of encouragement, resources and information, also setting up initiatives in support and to catalyse what is happening locally.

east-angliaIn August 2016, I was led to go to David’s Tent, 72 hours of worship at a location in West Sussex. There in a marquee devoted to prayer, I saw hanging a large map of the UK, and God spoke to me about ‘connecting’ East Anglia – initially at least in Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk. Subsequently I’ve considered this might include Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire too?

In the context of Hubs’ I am feeling that the time is right, to start to draw together the ‘threads of prayer’ taking place throughout my region.

I am therefore presently engaged in some tentative steps to identify and form relationships with those  who are already praying for their communities and our Nation in East Anglia .

I endevour to provide updates as things develop.

Blessings to you all

David Gilbey

If you are in any way involved in prayer within the East Anglia Region, please contact David Gilbey.

Peter Hill’s visit to England September / October 2016

Second visit to England 20th September to 5th October 2016

Thank you to everyone who prayed, gave and stood with me as I travelled to England from Canada for a second visit these past few weeks.

What is happening I can only describe as unusual.

A great movement of prayer is sweeping the nation of England at this time – also, reports coming in at the same time from Yinka Oyekan and others of hundreds of people coming to Christ on the streets.

Following much prayer, we are seeing the role of CTNTP to include the following:

1. To seek to serve, encourage and bless what is already happening.

2. Slowly but surely, The Holy Spirit is drawing hearts together across the nation – It Is ‘A Sovereign Work of God’ – no-one else could have organized or made this up – not everyone knows what the other is doing yet (as I found out in my 1200 mile visit this time round, but connecting is in the process!) but I travelled from Sussex/Kent (Filling Station with Philip Crocker) to Birmingham (Vic and Jenny Gledhill and Ian Cole, World Prayer Centre) and Worcester (Phil and Sally Thompsett), to Cornwall (The Gathering with Roy and Brenda Taylor in their home), Bridgnorth, Shropshire, (Met this group first visit at Ffald-y-Brenin, thank you Marc and Sue Fensome), Essex (Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer with David Gilbey), London (Call2London with Peter and Sue Fisher and Team), Norfolk (Call to Prayer with Jill Gower and Team) and Buckinghamshire (with Andy and Shaaron Forbes, Kings Church).

This last visit also helped to link up and work with David Gilbey, who is busy setting up a website for CTNTP. [you are on it!] David is a retired police officer who has a passion for prayer and leads a 24-7 prayer movement in the District of Chelmsford, Essex. David is a family man but took the time to look after a number of details before and during my time in England of which I am most grateful. I also found out he is more savvy than I am when it comes to the internet which is another blessing!

3. David Gilbey and myself were invited to The Call 2 London 30th September which was outstanding and prophetic, with hundreds coming to Emmanuel Centre, Westminster to come before the Lord for the Nation – Peter and Sue Fisher faithfully prepared and arranged this over many months in response to direct leadings from the Lord – it was a privilege to be a part of this extraordinary event, which helped lay the foundation of repentance for England.

4. David Gilbey was able to attend the National Day of Prayer – Trumpet Call 2016 in Birmingham on 15th October which was significant. The World Prayer Centre is a main Prayer Hub in U.K. along with Ian Cole and team and is being greatly used nationally and worldwide.

5. Call The Nation To Prayer is simply that: Call The Nation To Prayer . . . we continue to respond to this Call which we believe is from the Lord – we sense the time is urgent and the time is now, and join together with the other calls for prayer. All who share a passion for prayer are invited to visit the website and to make it known.

Also one of the objectives of CTNTP is to help link up the many centres of prayer plus connecting where little or no connection exists at present.

6. Although the emphasis of CTNTP is England at this time, it is wonderful to hear of spiritual awakening in Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well. Also, as the Lord directs, CTNTP we believe is to spread to the nations.

7. Thoughts regarding unity – more to be shared next time – please share what the Lord is showing you too.

With Greetings in our Lord Jesus.

Peter Hill

Peter Hill’s visit to the UK April 2016

First visit to the UK April 2016

This report shares just part of my findings. My trip was meant to be no more than a reconnoitre of the U.K. at this time, being just two weeks in April for this visit. Also, not knowing too many details, I went in simple obedience, nothing more.

Two Scriptures were given before I left Vernon, B.C. Canada

1. John 3:8, ‘The Wind blows where it will, and you do not know where the Wind has come from nor where it goes…’  

2. Matthew 11:29-30.  ‘Take My Yoke upon you, for My Yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’

In brief, the visit was exceptional, including my Satnav which took me to places I hadn’t planned!

Just prior to leaving for U.K., an email came, inviting me to speak at the ‘Filling Station’ in Hurst Green, East Sussex. (I had not heard of Filling Stations, up and to a few weeks before departure, but once the decision was made to visit the U.K. doors began to open).

My first three days were spent with James and Anna (Son & Daughter-in-Law) in Amsterdam which was excellent, following which I flew into Gatwick. When later that day I walked into the ‘Filling Station’ meeting with approx. Fifteen churches represented, I sensed something I had not sensed since the early charismatic days of the seventies and eager to hear about ‘Call The Nation To Prayer!’

When I was asked to speak, (I am now convinced and humbled at the same time with the word the Lord gave in June of last year – again I ask, why me, seeing there are so many significant movements of prayer and outstanding leaders in U.K.?); ‘Call The Nation To Prayer,’ it was like a flame was ignited – since that night, reports continue to come in from Hurst Green, asking to be kept in touch as everything develops.

From Sussex, and after spending time with some of my relatives in Eastbourne, I travelled to Winchester and met with Canon Mark Collinson at the Cathedral. An excellent time of sharing together – Colin shared more regarding ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, a prayer initiative by Archbishop Justin Welby and the Church of England, and the great wave of prayer linked with evangelism being called for et al.

Later that same day, I was able to spend time with Phil and Sally Thompson on their last day of holiday nearby, now semi-retired from the Elim ministry and this was just another divine appointment. Phil was the first guy the Lord linked me with following my baptism in the Holy Spirit back in the sixties (!) when we started coffee bar and street work, inviting young people from ‘alive churches’ to join us in evangelism! Now, some fifty years later, we reconnect, sharing our hearts on how the Lord has led down through the years.

Leaving the South West, I travelled to Ffald-y-brenin, a prayer centre in Wales, where prayer was wont to be made! When I arrived, I could not find any of the staff (although I had emailed ahead) but met a Baptist group from Shropshire who were enjoying a retreat there.

Three things came to light as they asked what I was doing there:

1. A  hunger for the Holy Spirit.

2. A keen interest to know about CTNTP

3. How do we stay in touch – to quote some of the guys there: ‘We are praying as a company of people on what the Lord wants us to do next!’

Since then, the Senior Leader of the Baptist Church (Who was not at the retreat but heard of what happened) requested contact via Skype and it seems they are on the cusp of something in God. It so happens that the Minister, Graeme Clark, was 10 years old when he knew about the Festival of Light in 1971, so knew about my background. One of his questions, ‘Why were you there in Ffald-y-brenin at the same time my people were there?’ Apparently his people were impacted and cannot stop talking about it. They call it an encounter!

My next port-of-call was The World Prayer Centre in Birmingham, where Ian Cole, Steve Botham, Jane Holloway and team are the leaders.

It so happened they were having a day of prayer, praying into the upcoming referendum with the E.U. amongst other things,  and wanted to know about CTNTP.  As I spoke, one of the men there, David Gilbey – a 24-7 Prayer leader from Chelmsford, Essex, collapsed on the carpet shaking – now these days, It is: 1. Medical help needed? 2. Demonic? Or, 3. The Holy Spirit coming on the guy?!  It quickly became obvious as folk gathered around David to pray that the Holy Spirit was upon him in an unusual way. It seems he is going to be used in whatever the Lord has for him in the coming days… he is all alive re. CTNTP! (There is more to share but I am trying to keep this report as brief as possible).

From Birmingham, I stayed in Long Compton for one day and spent time with Anthony and Clare Wells, Anna’s parents. (Anthony looked after the coordination of the Trafalgar Square National Festival of Light gathering in 1971). During a time of prayer, Clare saw a number of pylons carrying cable across the Nation – seemed to relate to leaders/Intercessors, centres and communications. 

As they were asking me where I was headed next, a text was coming through on my iPhone which led to staying with Chipper and Anna Betts in Manchester – it was good to catch up with their news and hear about his latest job, where amongst other responsibilities, ‘he gets paid for praying for people!’ It so happened I had arranged beforehand to drop my hired Nissan off at Manchester airport and fly Edinburgh to meet with David Hill and leaders representing 24-7 Prayer and Prayer leaders from Evangelical Alliance for Scotland and England.

My time in Edinburgh before returning Canada was significant I feel.  David Hill who has written the booklet: Try Praying – designed for non-church goers, and is being used nationwide, lends itself to not only praying but to evangelism as well.

We continue to pray!

In the South East, The Heart Newspaper: published a Call to Nationwide Prayer – April/May edition – about the time I was flying into U.K. –  Reps. from Scotland believe we are in a time of crisis – particularly the church . . et al . . and so, I continue to pray regarding the next step!  I appreciate any input and comments etc., and please pray as well. Feel free to share this email to whom you think might be interested and I look forward to any response.

Grace and Peace